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Our Philosophy

The Bandstand Music motto and philosophy when it comes to providing our DJ service is that

"It's not just a party... it's YOUR party!"

We are there to fulfill any expectations that you have when it comes to what role your DJ will play and what music you want to hear. Making sure your plans and expectations are met when you hire Bandstand Music DJ's & MC's is our ultimate goal. Understanding that your event is not about us but rather it's about you is what sets us apart.


Bandstand Music was started in April of 1993 and has grown far beyond its initial expectations. Today Bandstand Music employs a number a professional DJ's & MC's who provide services for wedding receptions, parties and other social events.


Steve Bergeron is the owner of Bandstand Music DJ's & MC's. Running Bandstand Music is Steve's full time job and he is also very active in the Omaha wedding community.
Steve serves on the board of the Midwest Bridal Association, MC's one of the largest Bridal Shows of the year, has been a featured speaker at several wedding seminars and is the author of

"Wedding Reception Secrets Revealed"

Steve also has a YouTube channel specifically set up to feature the best Venues in Omaha and Council Bluffs to have your party. Steve also continues to DJ & MC for Bandstand Music every weekend.

Our Office

Here is how to get in touch:

PHONE NUMBER: 402-393-5414
Bandstand Music DJ's & MC's
1815 North 169th Plaza
Omaha, Nebraska 68118

By Appointment Only

Please call (402) 393.5414 if you need assistance

At Bandstand Music DJ's & MC's in Omaha Nebraska, we want our brides, grooms, and clients to be able to easily stay in touch. The three most effective ways to contact and stay in touch with Bandstand Music DJ's & MC's in Omaha is by phone, email and by connecting to the Bandstand Music DJ's & MC's social network.

The phone number for Bandstand Music DJ's and MC's in Omaha Nebraska is (402) 393-5414. Bandstand Music DJ Service can also be contacted through email at info@bandstandmusic.com, steve@bandstandmusic.com.

You can stay connected with Bandstand Music DJ Service in Omaha Nebraska by liking us on Facebook and connecting to our Twitter page. The Bandstand Music DJ Service office is located in Omaha Nebraska at 1815 North 169th Plaza Omaha, Nebraska 68118.

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